Hear any suspection.i war days, the two of them happen to coincide together toward any suspection.i war days stretch out your hand to any suspection.i war days feel a bad breath.

"Stop it, you two old guys!" Henaan, when they saw that Huangfu Zhantian was stopped by these two old guys, they rushed over crazily and then attacked them together.
"get out!" The two old guys hit them hard with a wave of their hands, and directly beat them off, at the same time, they were bound by the law force.
"Fight with them!" Iron shadow month and Henaan two people looked at each other, and then look absolutely rushed up to break away from the force that bound their bodies. There was a golden light flashing in the hands of Iron Shadow month, while Henaan appeared in her hands. Her rosette two people rushed towards the two old guys in order, and at the same time both of them condensed their strongest attacks.
"Hey? How did these two girls break through the shackles of our laws? No, that’s a law shield! " Feng Xiao and Lin Lang were horrified when they saw Henaan and the two of them coming. Needless to say, they were horrified when their eyes fell out and their body shields were behind them.
"One person catches it back to study!" The two of them looked at each other, and then together with that, the two of them were loose suspection.i Zhantian and then rushed towards Henaan and Tieying Moon [
Out of the bondage of these two old guys, Huangfu Zhantian suddenly breathed a sigh of relief, but he didn’t come to gasp, because he saw that these two old guys gave up themselves because they turned to Henaan and Tieying Moon, which made Huangfu Zhantian suddenly crack his eyes.
"Stop it for me, or don’t blame the statue. You’re welcome. If you really do it, even if you are the ancestors of the inferno and the protoss, you will definitely be beheaded by the knife today." When the two of them made moves toward Henaan and Tieying Moon, the coldness of Huangfu Zhantian came out to the extreme.
Hearing the words of Huangfu Zhantian, the two of them are roots. No matter what they think, a small root can be destroyed easily by themselves and others. It is not worth their attention. On the contrary, these two little girls with law shields are important to them. They ignored the warning of Huangfu Zhantian, and then the speed suddenly increased. Then they came to Henaan and Tieying Moon. Section 1849: Angry ancestors.
"Looking for death!" See the two of them incredibly regardless of suspection.i Zhantian eyes suddenly a latosolic red and then crazy roar up at the same time suspection.i Zhantian whole person breath is crazy.
Feel the smell of suspection.i war celestial body, the two old men’s faces suddenly showed disdain, then ignored the warning of suspection.i war days and directly came to the front of Tieying Moon and Henaan, and then two people, one by one, were about to grab them, but they were not people kneading soft persimmons. They directly broke out with their greatest strength and blasted them toward the two old men. Although they had just been promoted to the sacred land, their two forces were not ordinary sacred land, but they were not ordinary sacred land. Compared with this boom, the two old men grabbed the potential and suddenly lagged behind.
The two old men didn’t expect that the two little girls were so powerful that they almost hurt their hands by these two little girls, which made their faces suddenly flash with a touch of anger. Just when they wanted to catch Henaan and Tieying Moon again, a breath that made them both palpitation locked them and made them two dare not move at all. They had no doubt that if they continued to move, the owner would not hesitate to tear them to pieces.
The two men turned to look at the source of the smell with a look of horror, only to find that it was the two men who threatened them before, which made them unbelievable, because the young man’s breath didn’t even reach the sacred land before, but now it has threatened him, which makes them believe it.
"retreat or die!" Any suspection.i war days cold way at this time his momentum spurting like a statue of killing god generally coldly looking at the two of them, let them feel like being stared at the little white rabbit by wild animals [
"What are you from? Don’t you know who we are? " Lin post coldly said that although he was very confident in his own strength, he did not dare to do it. He could react to language to threaten any suspection.i Zhantian, hoping that any suspection.i Zhantian could be afraid after hearing their two identities.
"Hum I don’t care who you two are? But they are my women. If you dare to touch my woman, you will bear my anger. I know that you are the ancestors of the celestial protoss and the celestial inferno, but if you can threaten me like this, you are all wet. I tell you that although your strength is not strong, if you dare to touch me, I can guarantee that this will be the last scene you two will see in this world! Of course, if you don’t believe me, you can try! " Huangfu Zhantianshen is like being boiled by water, but he has to support it, otherwise these two old guys will really have scruples
How can the real strength of Huangfu Zhantian threaten these two old guys? It’s because Huangfu Zhantian borrowed the giant’s breath from the first floor of the small world to himself. When he just got the water of life, he had already started to prepare. The giant’s physical injury was too heavy, and his heart was dug. How can he be resurrected? It’s an article in Huangfu Zhantian Raytheon’s tactic that was transported to this giant by Qigong, but he didn’t expect that it would be so uncomfortable to borrow this giant’s breath. This is the way to scare Sakura and Li Yi. Now there is no way to do this. Although he can borrow this giant’s strength, the price is to let him lie in bed for half a month. This price is really too great. If it is not the moment of life, he really doesn’t want to do this. Think about it. Just lending this giant breath to himself will make his body seem to be cooked. If he borrows his strength, I don’t know what it will be like.
Huangfu Zhantian once doubted whether the giant would be the master of the small world, but Huangfu Zhantian denied that the master of the small world was so strong that how could he be ripped out of his heart? Moreover, the giant was obviously not dead, but he was asleep, but he wanted this man to be strong, but it wouldn’t do any harm for a short time. Huangfu Zhantian once wanted to move the giant out, but to his dismay, he couldn’t move it out. Naifu Zhantian gave up.
Hearing the threat of suspection.i Zhantian, the two old men were dissatisfied, but they dared not move.
"Ha-ha, don’t be nervous. We are curious about how these two girls can get the law shield. It’s good to have no attempt. Now we’ll let them go back!" Feng Xiao with smiling face to suspection.i war heaven and Lin post is also a wry smile nodded his head.
Henaan and Tie Ying Yue took a sigh of relief in their hearts after seeing this situation, and then they were very careful to lean toward Huangfu Zhantian. When they got to Huangfu Zhantian’s side, the two of them finally breathed a sigh of relief. Just now, the two old men put too much pressure on them. Although Huangfu Zhantian’s strength is not as good as these two old guys, he is very safe around him.
"Today, things don’t want to happen again for the second time. If there is a second time, then the statue is trying to pay some price and erase you two forever. Don’t doubt if I have this strength. You must know better than me! That’s all. Why do you want to leave for the Shenmo Inn with you? I hope you won’t hold your back! " Huangfu Zhantian looked at the two old guys coldly. After that, he took Henaan and Tie Ying Yue and flew back to Tianyu City. At the same time, he would also cut off the giant.
After hearing the words of Huangfu Zhantian, the two old men turned red and white. They were old enough to be the ancestors of Huangfu Zhantian, but they were ridiculed by such a young man. They couldn’t make a little fire.
When Huangfu Zhantian left, the breath that enveloped them also receded like a flood, which made them feel a little relaxed. This breath contained the kind of arrogance of heaven and earth, which made them both meaningless. Section 185: Let’s go.
"Let’s go! It’s a shame to live so big for the first time! " Lin’s face was very ugly. He laughed at Feng, but Feng laughed this time without mocking Lin. Instead, he felt the same way. The two men looked at each other and saw Nai and wronged in each other’s eyes.
As long as they were embarrassed and didn’t know what to do, two surprise sounds came from a distance. After seeing them, Feng Xiao and Lin Lang finally found a place to vent their anger. When these two add up, they are almost a thousand-year-old old guy, carrying one and then taking it to no one’s place to criticize them. Although they were angry, they didn’t want to find it here in front of so many people. This would fall in front of their two families.
I don’t know that Feng Xiao and Lin Lang are like training Yi Li and Sakura Ghost, but after the two of them came back, the gloomy face knew that I’m afraid these two old guys gave training to their two heads of families and didn’t know what it was like, but of course they couldn’t vent their anger on Huangfu Zhantian, and even their ancestors had suffered a dark loss. What’s worse, the two of them had learned that Huangfu Zhantian was terrible, and of course it was impossible to touch this brow.
But what makes HuangFuZhanTian in distress situation is that these two old guys have gone to the mountain outside the city on the pretext that the concentration of aura in the city is not high. HuangFuZhanTian doesn’t recognize that these two old guys will give up staying in the city because the aura can’t be absorbed this night. It seems that they should have scared the two of them before, but this can also blame themselves. If the two of them don’t care so much about their identity, they won’t make such a move themselves [
Overnight, Huangfu Zhantian didn’t do his thing again, but stayed in a small world and practiced crazily. Today, this incident let him know that it is impossible to rely on others’ strength without strength. Just like today’s incident and the incident two days ago, if he didn’t have a little means of self-protection, he would probably be harmed by the upcoming person.
I’m afraid I can’t resist such crazy reiki if it weren’t for this breakthrough that the physical strength of Huangfu Zhantian has been enhanced several times.
Such a night, that is, seven days, makes the Huangfu War celestial body Raytheon’s true qi become more and more rich, and the strength of this realm is more handy and the realm is stable. Come to Huangfu War God knows that if there is no special adventure, I am afraid there is no way to advance in a short time.
The next day, suspection.i Zhantian invited all the people in the small world out, but left Meng Hongqin thinking and dancing style. Of course, the three of them were small fish. They couldn’t go to the ghost inn with them because of insufficient strength, but suspection.i Zhantian still took them to practice in the small world.
Huangfu Zhantian flew out of Tianyu City alone. The two old guys outside Tianyu City have already waited outside. Of course, Sakura and Yi Li also took them behind their two ancestors.