"The water is so simple that it is really scared by this little thing."

"Elder Shuier Xiu is better, and his strength is also outstanding. After this mind, he should pay more attention to it." Chu Lao smoothed his beard at this time with a look of teaching.
The elder heard the news.
Immediately nodded "ah … go back to really hard work"
Jiang Feng won the first place.
I didn’t expect this little guy to really win when he rang the palm around.
But a few younger brothers who have been to the Emperor’s Cave take it for granted. You know, at the beginning, the stone giant
How imposing that is.
It’s ridiculous to lose Jiang Feng’s hand if Chu Shuier is no match.
Jiang Feng strode into the ring.
Soon, Xiao Lao presided over many younger brothers and Taiwan.
This time it was a man versus a woman.
It seems that they have a personal vendetta, and they will try their best directly without nonsense.
Aside Jiang Feng chewing fruit silently watching.
This battle lasted for half a quarter of an hour, and finally the man couldn’t remember the woman winning.
It’s a remarkable battle
Time passes like this.
Jiang Feng also experienced several competitions soon.
The result is the same. Either Jiang Feng directly gallants or he is doomed to give up.
Everyone also found that
Jiang Feng is not as simple as it seems.
Have a strong physical strength.
"Take Jiang Feng against ChuTianHu" Xiao elder mouth again.
See Jiang Feng coming across a tall, big, strong as an ox and tiger-eyed man.
Most people just in front of him
I will feel awkward in my heart.
"Jiang Feng! I’ve heard of you, but it’s a pity that I didn’t go to the Emperor’s Cave or I would have torn you apart. "
Jiang Feng looked at him and yawned. "If you want to fight, just give up and don’t delay me."
"You … I don’t know what to do. I’ll make you lose." Chutianhu stepped back and thundered.
Xiao Lao watched the two men stand back and announced the "game" when they were ready on both sides.
Chutianyu eyes suddenly locked Jiang Feng whole foot directly into a light towards Jiang Feng to kill the past.
Seeing this scene, there are many discussions.
"I’ve heard of this Chutianhu, who has been a fighter since he was a child, and abruptly crushed a tiger."
"I heard that the family trained him to throw him into the tiger forest and really ate tiger meat and drank tiger blood to develop his ferocious character."
"Jiang Feng I’m afraid it’s dangerous."
Chu tien-Hu is also famous for his external practice, but his life and death are five fold.
It is two realms higher than Jiang Feng. Calais is not an ordinary fighter. Even if Jiang Feng can win, I am afraid he will be seriously injured.
Chapter 176 melee
People talk constantly.
Even if Jiang Feng does well, I’m afraid he will be seriously injured if he wants to win Chu Tianhu.
"swish! Hey! Hey! "
Chu Tianhu’s striding speed is amazing.
But at this time Jiang Feng suddenly eyes a folded.
Then the body burst into a strong breath, and the random fairy energy suddenly ran and punched it hard.
Everyone is stunned.
Chutianhu showed anger but it didn’t help to fly out directly.
"How is it possible! ?” Chutianhu was furious and just wanted to send it, but Jiang Fenggen wouldn’t give him the chance.
Foot continuous inching
Catch up and randomly step on Chu decepticon’s chest.
This foot Jiang Feng didn’t leave any hand.
Fairy energy runs to the extreme and directly kicks him out and slams him into the ring and spits blood.
Jiang fengbi physique
It’s suicide.
Chutianhu’s downfall didn’t respond for half a day, ignoring body pain.