"Ahem, that system, I remember that I have recruited a Mei aunt at present, right? How can there be [2/3] progress? "

"inappropriate" rewards 5 starting coins.
Chapter 261 Who summoned the Dragon? (two more monthly ticket)
"Ahem, that system, I remember that I have recruited a Mei aunt at present, right? How can there be [2/3] progress? "
Zhang lancha topic
"Simple funeral Banna promised you to join the team, and I’ll give you whatever you want." A relaxed tone.
"What the hell? You said it was a funeral, right? Or did I hear it wrong? " Zhang Lan said that there was too much information and some people were dumbfounded.
"That’s right. It’s been four days since the live broadcast card was cut off. The earth’s human foundation acquiesced that you were dead. Statues were built for you all over the world, not to mention they looked good." When Tong answered, he also projected the metal statue of Manhattan Central Square into Zhang Lan’s mind
"Lie trough! Lie in the trough! ! Lie in the trough! ! !”
Zhang Lan said at this time that he was in a state of compulsion. Why did he sleep inexplicably and his funeral was held?
"Hey? No, "Zhang Lan is the reaction." How do you know about the earth? You are also in Asgard’s divine domain. "
"Harry Peter Cheng played a live broadcast card at your funeral, and I can receive the message naturally. Do you want to see it? I can project it to you."
"Then show me. I’d like to see what they say about me."
The system is still so efficient. Zhang Lan here is talking, and the projection on the other side has been released. This time, unlike the statue projection just now, it is an image in my mind, but it directly generates a 3D scene. Zhang Lan is usually at the scene of that day if he is there.
It’s time for Tony and May to talk.
I was surprised to hear Tony call that beautiful young woman "Mei" Zhang Lan!
What the hell?
He should be less than a week away from the earth, right? How did your aunt Mei become such a beautiful young woman?
A little thinking about Zhang Lan faintly knows what is going on.
"Is Tongmei’s injection of the perfect lizard medicine greatly activated the cell activity, resulting in cell rejuvenation and rejuvenation?"
"Yes, you guessed right."
Smell speech Zhang Lan nodded and stopped talking because Tony spoke.
It’s the first time he’s seen such a fragile Tony. Looking at Zhang Lan, his heart is a little blocked
The new element was successfully studied, and even a copy was prepared for him. That sentence "I came to new york!" Finally, when Tony wiped his tears, Zhang Lanxin felt a lot.
Unconsciously, it turned out that he had established such a good relationship with Tony.
After the second Banner surprised Zhang Lan, I didn’t expect him to come. After all, there must be S.H.I.E.L.D. and government people at the scene. Although they already have abhorrent research materials, it can’t stop the military from being greedy for Banner.
Similarly, Zhang Lan also knows what progress will be successful and further. Presumably, he sacrificed his spirit to let Banner recognize himself.
Of course, Zhang Lan also noticed that Banna said that he and Tony were studying a new steel suit. Nima wouldn’t be anti-Hulk, would she?
This is The Avengers II technology, right?
That’s a hard-working hulk armor!
When Zhang Lan marveled, the third president also performed.
For President Zhang Lan, a little thinking is to understand his meaning, which makes him more disgusted with the fact that the government has the same style, and a plan in his heart is more determined.
"I hope to find an opportunity to realize it when I go back this time!"
When he secretly made up his mind, Frey’s aggressive remarks about the hard-working president were also heard by Zhang Lan, especially the last sentence, "Vampire is a very good name and I like it a little", which made Zhang Lanxin’s impression of this agent head mostly change.
Coulson’s idea of signing autographs Zhang Lan felt it necessary to help him finish it when he got back.
At the end, Hill’s blue color indicates that the head is a little big!
What, he saw abandonment in Hill’s eyes?
Charles appeared that "I’m not as good as you" and Zhang Lan accepted the fact frankly. That’s it. Charles is too stubborn. There is no need to compromise him to maximize his ability.
Yu Katie Zhang Lan said that she was full of heartache, especially the only sentence "I am waiting for you to come back!" But also poke him in the bottom of my heart
Because of this sentence, Zhang Landing decided-this daughter-in-law is going to be settled!
Who dares to save and kill who!
Then came Xavier’s gifted college students, one by one, who said something immature to Zhang Lan. They didn’t have any flowery words, either "You want to come back!" "You won’t die" and "You must live"
Zhang Lan is never tired of listening to it. He thinks there is nothing wrong with his idea of saving superhuman beings.
In the post-Fantastic Four, Rhett is still an old-fashioned researcher, Susan is still Red, and Johnny is still so honest and honest.
Zhang Lan, one person after another, deeply remembers them in his mind, and these will be his future plans.
For a long time, Zhang Lan finally finished reading all the information. He waved to Tong to put everything away and quietly thought about it with Ba Na.
No one knows what he wants and does not disturb him. Although he is "refined", his character, which has been silent for hundreds of millions of years, will not change.
At that time, Zhang Lan stopped moving like a statue, so she quietly maintained a posture. I don’t know if she was possessed.
"boom boom boom!"
Room Shimen was pushed into a robe, and Saul pushed the door with a face of surprise, which was far from seeing the state of being a meditator.
"hey! Blue, are you awake? " Sol’s loud voice woke Zhang Lanzhen up. "You have slept long enough for three days. You and I have delayed the celebration dinner for three days!"
"ah? Celebration banquet? " Zhang Lan hasn’t returned to absolute being.
"Of course, according to our custom in Asgard, after the victory of World War I, we should first reward and then celebrate the whole country. You have made a great contribution this time. My father promised to fulfill one of your wishes!"
However, Zhang Lan is still in some situations. The unconscious replied Sol-
"Ah? A wish? Who summoned the dragon with seven dragon balls? "
These chapters should be slightly excessive. Later, there will be the climax of "Reunion One". Hey, hey, this time, Xiaolan will give you a big pot of stew. Are you ready for Qian Qian and the tickets?
Chapter 262 I strangled myself! (seeking reward in the third watch)
"Ah? A wish? Who summoned the dragon with seven dragon balls? " Zhang Lan is still out of condition.
"Qi seven dragon balls? Summon the dragon? What did you say? " Now it’s Saul’s turn to have some doubts
Until now, Zhang Lan finally broke away from that state of thinking. As soon as he heard Saul’s question, he realized that he had said something wrong and corrected it quickly.
"Oh, that’s an animation in my hometown. When is the celebration dinner? Now? "
"Now?" Sol took a blue topic: "It’s late now, so it’s natural to wait for genius. I’ll tell my father and them now that you have a good rest!" Haha, I’ll introduce you to our Asgard warriors. You will like them. "
Come and go like the wind Sol rushed out of the door, presumably to finalize the celebration dinner with his father, Odin, but a moment later, a fairy palace maid-in-waiting sent delicious food to Zhang Lan to enjoy.
Although with the energy point exchange system, Zhang Lan no longer needs to take energy by eating in such a low-level way, it is still a good choice to taste delicious food.
Is Zhang Lan or will this time send all the delicious food to eat, but let the ladies-in-waiting secretly lose heart
Even Saul doesn’t have such a big appetite.
After a full meal, Zhang Lan drove away the woman who wanted to serve the bedroom and locked the room to sort out the situation herself.
It is an indisputable fact that the system has been upgraded to a fine one. Fortunately, his "mercenary" character has not changed. If there is no special "ration"-rule fragments appear, he is usually quiet and different.
Now, in terms of skill system, Zhang Lan played before, and mystery shop was no longer the previous ten card slots, but a whole list.
At the top are the attributes of wind, fire, water, earth, thunder, yin, yang and seal. If you choose one at will, the grade will be divided from the lowest E to the highest S.
On the left, there is a search box that can quickly search for designated skill cards.
At the SS level and SSS level, Zhang Lan didn’t know it until he inquired about the system. This is to ask him to get the first SS level stock, and then it will automatically start.
In the end, the system even encouraged Zhang to say that Odin’s eternal gun was SS level.
Zhang Lan did not hesitate to look at the unified words directly.
Forget it before the joke. Now the eternal gun is in Odin’s hand. You asked me to come over and bring it to you?